Thursday, June 11, 2009

From the Blogs


The latest stories from the Florida blogs...

Bilerico Project Florida (Father Tony): Same-sex marriage - it's nothing new

Equality Florida: Slowly but surely the archaic anti-gay adoption ban crumbles

Bilerico Project Florida (Charles L. Ross): A Jihad for Love, the struggle of Islamic gays

ReidBlog: Roll over, Sonny: Chastity's becoming a man

Bilerico Project Florida (Waymon Hudson): Let's Homosexualize! Humor as a Tool for Change

Natch Greyes: Marriage Equality

Equality Florida: BREAKING NEWS | City of Miami Approves Domestic Partnership Ordinance

Bilerico Project Florida (Father Tony): Was Jesus Gay?

The Spencerian: Don't Ask... It's Not Picture Perfect

Natch Greyes: Marriage Equality Victory In Ohio

Natch Greyes: Bad News for Democrats and Gay Marriage from New York

Equality Florida: Five ways that gay couples lose big on taxes

Bilerico Project Florida: How has marriage changed me?

Natch Greyes: Equal Rights Update: Cheney To The Left of Obama?

Bark Bark Woof Woof: New Hampshire Passes Marriage Equality

Pushing Rope: Gay Marriage Legal in New Hampshire

Equality Florida (Stratton Pollitzer): Voter's Punish Gay Baiting Candidate

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