Sunday, March 28, 2010

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Rep. Mary Brandenburg Proposes Repeal of Adoption Ban

More than 2,000 children in Florida are awaiting adoption, and half of them have no family members able to provide them care. House Bill 3 by Representative Mary Brandenburg (D-Lake Worth) would give more foster children an opportunity for a family and a home by repealing the ban on adoptions by same-sex couples and individuals.

“Some children in Florida have been in foster care for years,” said Representative Brandenburg. “This is unacceptable. Every child in Florida deserves a loving, permanent home. That is why I filed a bill that repeals the state law that prohibits gay and lesbian people from adopting.”

It is well understood, and confirmed by pediatricians and child psychologists, that children thrive as part of a family. Happy, successful children can be raised by all kinds of families, including those headed by single parents, grandparents, and same-sex couples. In contrast, children stuck in foster homes are more likely to drop out of school, become teen-age parents, and face trouble with the law.

The ban on adoption by gays and lesbians costs the State of Florida approximately $2.5 million per year, according to the Williams Institute.

“When the Florida Legislature is struggling to meet the medical and education needs of our children, this ban makes no sense,” said Representative Brandenburg. “When the Florida Department of Children and Families allows gay and lesbian people to serve as foster parents, it becomes impossible to understand the ban.”

Florida is the only state with a statutory ban against same-sex individuals or couples adopting. Representative Brandenburg’s House Bill 3 would give many more foster children the opportunity for a family and a home. Senator Nan Rich (D-Sunrise) has filed identical legislation in the Florida Senate.

“This bill is about children’s rights,” added Representative Brandenburg. “It is about their right to become part of a family.”