Thursday, August 21, 2008

Failure to Pass Amendment 2 = Armageddon

Seriously, this is what the religious right is saying gay marriage will lead to armageddon. (Never mind that gay marriage is already illegal in Florida). There's a lot of fun stuff in the e-mail they sent about the issue, but here are some highlights:

Over the next two days, I have much to share, but the basic message I need to convey this week is simple: The next 90 days will determine the future of marriage in our nation.

With now less than 90 days remaining before the November 4 elections, the future of marriage hangs in the balance, not only in California, but in the rest of the nation as well. "[T]he Armageddon of the culture war," is how Chuck Colson referred to the Prop 8 campaign in California. Or as Don Wildmon of the American Family Association explained, if we lose in California, "it will open the floodgates for same-sex marriage in all the other states."


The next 90 days will be pivotal in determining the future of marriage in the United States. With decisive victories in California, Florida and Arizona, we have the opportunity save marriage in those states and at the same time send a strong message to courts and politicians across the country.

Renneisen Says He Opposes Amendment 2

Despite signing petitions to get Amendment 2 on the ballot congressional candidate Paul Renneisen says he opposes Amendment 2:

"I did sign the petition to get it on the ballot so it can be voted down," Renneisen said. "I didn't sign a petition supporting the amendment at all. I signed a petition to put it on the ballot."

"There are a lot of [gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender] individuals who feel we have an opportunity in this year of change [to] defeat this," he said, adding that he would vote against the proposal to add the state's law banning same-sex marriage to the Florida Constitution.

I'm inclined to take Paul's word for this one, but the explanation sounds a little weak to me. It would be quite easy for someone to think that signing a petition on behalf of getting Amendment 2 on the ballot is an implicit support of the Amendment. And if it passes, which is in the realm of possibilities, then won't this signature (and those of his family) have helped make the new law reality?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If Amendment 2 Passes

Here are some of the potential consequences:

Similar amendments in other states are being used to take away benefits from public employees (Kentucky, for instance), and dissolve domestic partnership registries used to provide health care benefits and pensions (in Michigan).

Broward and Palm Beach Counties and the cities of Tampa, Gainesville and Miami Beach, among others, offer Domestic Partnership Registries. Most Florida universities and more than half of Fortune 500 companies offer Domestic Partnership benefits. These benefits would be placed at risk, if not outright abolished, if this amendment passes.

Every unmarried Floridian will be impacted by this amendment - especially divorced or widowed seniors and public employees who, under existing programs, can share some benefits such as hospital visitation privileges and health care coverage without being married.


Congressional Quarterly suggests that the Defense of Marriage Act may be repealed if Obama wins the election. Good. That unconstitutional abomination never should've passed in the first place.

Why They're Wrong, Part 10

And editorial in right-wing rag the Washington Times has this to say:

California did more than just legalize same-sex marriages in June. Its decision has the potential to threaten one of America's greatest freedoms - religious liberty - by ruling that sexual orientation is a matter of discrimination.

Bad grammar aside, the logic in this one is ridiculous. People like this seem to think that religious liberty applies only to their side. What about the liberty of religious people who support people of different sexual orientations? Besides, anything can be "a matter of discrimination." You could, if you chose to, discriminate against people named Bob. Or people with brown shoes. Or people who drink Vault (and seriously, you should discriminate against people who drink Vault). The point is that discrimination based on who a person is, and not based on their actions, is wrong and violates the entire purpose of a democratic country.

Martinez Opposes Amendment 2

Just had Mayor Raul Martinez, who is running against Lincoln Diaz-Balart in Congressional District 21, on Florida Progressive Radio. He said that he is going to vote "No" on Amendment 2.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wasting Money

Think of all the good works that could be done with this kind of money?

Mercury News:

The fight over Proposition 8, the gay marriage ban, has drawn nearly $9 million in donations. Both sides predict they'll raise considerably more before voters go to the polls in the Nov. 4 general election.

At least another $3 million has been raised around Florida's Amendment 2. This one is even worse:


AFA said it has put aside money over the years so it would have the funds to meet whatever need might arise. The $500,000 for came from those savings, it said.

The money going to fight these bans is legitimate, we can and should donate money to fight hatred and bigotry. But hundreds of millions of dollars has been raised and funneled to endorse hatred in the name of Jesus, something he certainly would've objected to. Go reread the words of Jesus. He never mentions anything about homosexuality. He does, however, talk about poverty a lot. How much of the poverty problem we face be fixed if this money were spent there instead?

Tax Exempt Status?

If churches are going to openly advocate for or against political ballot initiatives, aren't they violating the guidelines of their tax exempt status? Recent reports of the Mormons and Catholics coming out against gay marriage brings into question the legitimacy of them receiving tax benefits the rest of us can't get when we're actually following the law...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Rick Santorum Gets It Right For Once

From a fund-raising e-mail:

This is a ruling which, if left undisturbed, means that Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Muslims who see marriage as the union of husband and wife, and view sexual activity as best confined to marriage so defined, are in the exact position as racists under California law.

Exactly. People who hate others simply because of their sexuality are EXACTLY like people who hate others simply because of their race. There is no difference.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Republican Dirty Tricks

Why is it that it seems that everywhere that conservative Republican hatemongers pursue gay marriage bans, they resort to dirty tricks to get the job done? (Arizona is the latest). Is it because they know that they are simply promoting hate and that they don't really have any logic behind any of their arguments? We know that. Do they secretly know it, too?

(Update: Republican dirty tricks in California, too, as they try to lie to the public about their Amendment).

Mass Does the Right Thing

Governor Deval Patrick signed a repeal of a law preventing most same-sex couples from out of state from getting married in the state. This helps pave the way for a constitutional challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act on the constitutional grounds that it violates the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution.

From the Blogs

Equality Florida: Creepy Video from Amendment 2 Backers

Friday, August 8, 2008

Story of the Day

The most talked about story on the Florida blogs last week was the hate from Darryl Rouson. Here's what people said...

Equality Florida: Panelists Challenge Rouson

Change in Tallahassee: McKenzie-Rouson Race Getting Dirty

FLA Politics (FL55voter): Dem FL State Rep's Homophobic Comments on YouTube

Brevard Young Democratts Do the Right Thing

The Brevard Young Democrats oppose the Hate Amendment. Congratulations to them for publicly taking the correct stand.

Shame on Paul Renneisen

Congressional Candidate Paul Renneisen (and his family) signed petitions in support of Amendment 2. That is shameful, hateful conduct and he should be repudiated for it. No Democrat can support Amendment 2 and claim to be a Democrat, progressive, liberal or real American.

Equality Florida Endorsements

The following state and local candidates have been endorsed by Equality Florida because they meet the following:

*1. They must be Champions of LGBT equality
*2. They must be running strong in competitive races.
*3. In particular, we support qualified, openly LGBT candidates who can bring a vital perspective and much-needed voice to the political debates that impact our lives.

The endorsees are:

*Mark LaFontaine, State House, District 92
*Ken Gottlieb, State Senate, District 31
*Charles McKenzie, State House, District 55
*Kevin Beckner, Hillsborough County Commission, District 6
*Darden Rice, Pinellas County Commission At-Large, District 3
*Chris Smith, Senate, District 29
*Betty Reed, State House, District 59
*Kevin Rader, State House, District 78
*Kenneth Thurston, State House, District 94
*Evan Jenne, State House District 100
*Richard Steinberg, State House, District 106
*Robin Bartleman, Broward School Board, District 9
*Bryan Caletka, Broward County Commission, District 7
*Beverly Gallagher, Broward School Board, District 2
*Adriane Reesey, Broward Supervisor of Elections
*Richard Saltrick, Broward School Board, District 1
*Caroline Tesche, Circuit Court Judge, Hillsborough County, Group One
*Evelyn Langlieb Greer, Miami Dade School Board, District 9
*Martin Karp, Miami Dade School Board, District 3
*Susan Bucher, Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections
*Shelley Vana, Palm Beach County Commissioner, District 3
*Janet Clark, Pinellas County School Board at Large 1

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crist Continues His Hateful Ways

Governor Charlie Crist continues his push for the VP spot:

Also on Monday, Crist said he supported Amendment Two which would constitutionally ban gay marriage in the state. Such unions are already illegal in Florida and Crist has previously shied away from the issue, saying he has a "live and let live" attitude.

Less "live and let live," more "live and let die."

I say John McCain should go ahead and pick Charlie. It guarantees McCain won't make it to the White House and it'll do serious damage to Crist's image as a "winner" going into the 2010 governor's race.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Even A Stopped Watch Is Right Twice A Day

Ileana gets one right. Here she is on the Hate Amendment:

“In Florida, the term marriage is already defined as a relationship between a man and a woman. Amendment 2 will involve the government in our personal lives by dissolving locally recognized domestic partnerships, endangering the legal rights of unmarried couples, and weakening business responsibilities such as healthcare and retirement benefits.”

Her reasoning is pretty lame, but at least she's on the right side of the issue.