Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"This amendment will undermine the ability of people in Florida to protect themselves."

Financial expert Suze Orman, named by Time magazine earlier this year as one of The World's 100 Most Influential People, is urging Florida voters to vote no on Amendment 2, the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment.

The CNBC financial advice show host and New York Times mega bestselling author of such books as Women & Money points to the dangerous consequences passage of the amendment could have on women's rights and financial security.

"My life's work has been to help people, particularly women, take responsibility for their own financial security," Orman said. "This amendment will undermine the ability of people in Florida to protect themselves."

Written in vague and undefined language, Amendment 2 could have dramatic consequences for Florida’s committed adults who form domestic partnerships, including unmarried seniors, eliminating their ability to share important health care and pension benefits.

Noting the possible consequences of the amendment's passage on seniors, Orman said, "Many seniors choose not to marry again to keep financial benefits such as pensions from earlier marriages. Passage of Amendment 2 could threaten these essential resources that help them stay out of poverty."

A two-time Emmy Award winning television host, Orman is a certified financial planner™ professional who directed the Suze Orman Financial Group from 1987-1997, served as Vice President of Investments for Prudential Bache Securities from 1983-87, and from 1980-83 was an Account Executive at Merrill Lynch.

"We thank Suze Orman for adding her voice to that of Florida CFO Alex Sink and other financial leaders who recognize the negative financial impact the amendment could have on this state and its citizens,” said Michael Kenny, deputy campaign manager of Florida Red & Blue, the bi-partisan, statewide organization running the SayNo2 campaign opposing Amendment 2.

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