Friday, August 8, 2008

Equality Florida Endorsements

The following state and local candidates have been endorsed by Equality Florida because they meet the following:

*1. They must be Champions of LGBT equality
*2. They must be running strong in competitive races.
*3. In particular, we support qualified, openly LGBT candidates who can bring a vital perspective and much-needed voice to the political debates that impact our lives.

The endorsees are:

*Mark LaFontaine, State House, District 92
*Ken Gottlieb, State Senate, District 31
*Charles McKenzie, State House, District 55
*Kevin Beckner, Hillsborough County Commission, District 6
*Darden Rice, Pinellas County Commission At-Large, District 3
*Chris Smith, Senate, District 29
*Betty Reed, State House, District 59
*Kevin Rader, State House, District 78
*Kenneth Thurston, State House, District 94
*Evan Jenne, State House District 100
*Richard Steinberg, State House, District 106
*Robin Bartleman, Broward School Board, District 9
*Bryan Caletka, Broward County Commission, District 7
*Beverly Gallagher, Broward School Board, District 2
*Adriane Reesey, Broward Supervisor of Elections
*Richard Saltrick, Broward School Board, District 1
*Caroline Tesche, Circuit Court Judge, Hillsborough County, Group One
*Evelyn Langlieb Greer, Miami Dade School Board, District 9
*Martin Karp, Miami Dade School Board, District 3
*Susan Bucher, Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections
*Shelley Vana, Palm Beach County Commissioner, District 3
*Janet Clark, Pinellas County School Board at Large 1

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