Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dan Gelber on Amendment 2

Gelber isn't a big fan of the Hate Amendment:

The amendment would do much more than prohibit gay marriages (which are already prohibited by law): it would also prohibit other legal unions that are the substantial equivalent of marriage.

It is also not clear whether this prohibition would apply only to gay couples or to others, such as two citizens living together to increase their social security benefit or to get health insurance. It would likely prohibit the business practice of allowing domestic partners (even heterosexual ones) to obtain benefits (health insurance for example), which happened in Michigan and Kentucky after similar amendments passed.

Given Florida’s health care and education crisis, and all the many challenges facing our state, I’m not quite sure why this topic is even on the ballot. To learn the many reasons why you should oppose this amendment visit

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A Lone Wolf said...

I think it is important to state clearly what we are for and against. When it comes to amendment 2 I would put it this way: I am for protecting the rights of every American as guaranteed by our Constitution. I am against defining groups or individual Americans and specifically denying them the constitutional rights guaranteed to every American.

Just my opinion.

A Lone Wolf (the guy with the Donovan prints ;-)