Monday, June 16, 2008

Amendment 2 Proponets Tell Supporters To Break the Law

I'm loathe to include the video or the link, lest we give them more traffic, but this video seems to be a direct request by religious right nutjob Mat Staver to Floridians to break the law:

Staver actually wrote Amendment 2 and is pushing the for people to sign petitionsnot just once, but twice:

2:19: "even if someone has already signed it, it doesn't matter. They can sign it again."

He explains that they can go ahead and sign the petition again, even if they've already done so and that the government will sort them out. Forget that this is the direct encouragement of waste in government, it is also illegal:

A person who knowingly signs a petition or petitions for a candidate, a minor political party, or an issue more than one time commits a misdemeanor of the first degree...

Showing once again, that nothing to do with this Amendment has anything to do with right or wrong, Staver is telling his followers to break the law in an attempt to add hate to the Florida Constitution.

These people are trying to win at all costs for political reasons...

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